Excitement is an UNDERSTATEMENT!—Christmas Edition.

Happpy days are the best days BUT days are always better when technology is involved. What if presents were involved too? Well you guessed it then it would be the best day of the year… CHRISTMAS! Haha

This year I didnt expect much from anyone and I hoped everyone expected the same from me. Mike (my very handsome boyfriend) and I went through a lot these past couple of months due to his injury— but that’s for another story in my blog. Anywhoooo long story short we IZ broke lol so broke that both of our parents know and always ask us if we are good? Aka are you afloat? Can you eat? Can you pay rent? Haha yes to all of the above but nothing extra sometimes not even enough (why i keep my second job). So when I say it was more then unexpected when we gave our parents an “Echo Input” for Christmas we were ecstatic that they atleast had something to open up from us.

We were at mikes house on the 25th of December opening presents my turn was first due to having the biggest gift from mikes parents… ripping away the paper I could see the lazboy logo on the box. THEY GOT ME A ROLLING CHAIR!!! My office is finally on its way to completion. Slowly but surely but definitely comfortable😈😈. Anyways, then came a box with both of our names on it. Mike opened it and as he tore the paper off with fierce curiosity I could see the box first… WE GOT A FREAKING ROBOTIC VACUUM!!!!! Could this be real? No more hair balls? You are going to tell me that I no longer have to vacuum the house every everyday and that it will do it by itself? Hahahahah CHAAAAAACHING. Remember I am not lazy I just do life with a simplistic twist; if I can make my life easier in any way shape or form YA GIRL IS DOING IT. Why not?

So it is a couple of days if not a week or so since we’ve gotten our vacuum and all I can say is WOW! This thing is a gold mine. Who ever thought of this needs like a huge hug and a freaking pat on the back for his simplistic outlook on life. Foreal though this little thing is crazy. I run it twice a day and my floors are spotless. I have 2 dogs and one cat so those suckers breathe and hair falls off(NOPE! It has not run over poop yet—my animals are potty trained ish) . I love them more than anything in this little world of mine BUT I believe that this whole animal cohabiting thing is way easier with a little help of either a razor OR a vacuum? Vacuum all day every day!!! No but really the abundance of hair is the only annoying part of owning animals. Although I don’t give to ships initially since my animals are more important than you know my life… it is nice to go out of the house without being able to make an entire new dog just from the hair on my clothes (:

This is the exact reason why I’m obsessed with technology. It just makes life easy! Just look at it with a simplistic twist!

I don’t know if I am doing this right but i am definitely #ADULTING!

SHOUTOUT TO MY MIL AND FIL!!! You guys are the best. I love you; you have made life a little easier for this stressball. 😀





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