Is it worth missing some quality family time on holidays in order to go to work and make some extra money? ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Yes… I get what you are thinking. It depends on the necessity of the person in that specific situation. The necessity for money that makes you do crazy things like… skip out on holidays with your family. One of the couple times a year you get with everyone to make amazing memories. I remember there used to be a time (currently) in my life where I would love to work during holidays because that way I always had an excuse for when I was asked “what are you doing for “blank” day” — selfishly I never thought of my Momma. I know she wants me there to celebrate Christmas, New Years, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day with her and my fam but in reality I was worried about simplicity [selfishness]. The wonderful art of being able to live life without any hesitations. Sometimes family can become overwhelming which is why I think I requested to work holidays while everyone requested off. I never realized the damage that I had caused until my grandma made me realize recently that “it’s been 10 years since we’ve spend Christmas together” chill guys! I’m not that horrible. She’s exaggerating possibly like 7 without spending Christmas together lol

Don’t get me wrong I do everything with a simplistic twist but I still celebrate these holidays just not like I should, I guess? I skip out on flights, present buying and money spending on holidays for what? To be thinking all day, year after year “man I wish I was with my family”. Money is the objective but it’s not always the reason. Yes we all want to be stupid loaded but loaded with money isn’t the only thing that makes you rich. Money for me isn’t what I chase I was actually running away from whatever it was that led me that it was okay to decide working was more important then some family time.

Now I have come to the conclusion that nothing is more important then family, yet I still disappear deep into hot schedules on holidays to see what shifts I can pick up. Am I still selfish for doing exactly what I have slowly been realizing over the years? Possibly but that’s why we are all here after all. We are all (PAO)ssibly lost and that’s okay it’s a part of figuring yourself out and YEP! you guessed it… ADULTING.

I just worked a shift last night on you guessed it NEW YEARS EVE!!!!! One of the most eye-opening shifts I have worked in a while. People are gathering around waiting for me to take care of them as a family yet here I am alone at 12am ringing in the new year. Selfish Paowie expects everyone to be okay with the fact that she will be absent from a family gathering not realizing I am hurting myself the most. WHY WOULD I THINK IT WAS OKAY TO WORK LAST NIGHT? Money wasn’t great so what could have made it worth it? Nothing… lesson learned. Live in the moment; there’s more to life then making and keeping money. Memories are worth more then $$$.

I don’t know if I am doing this right but I am definitely #ADULTING!!

No fuimo’


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