What a Colombian living in the USA has to say about the migration situation currently overpowering Cúcuta (Colombia).

As a Colombian living in United States I have come to the realization that I am indeed extremely lucky. Moving to miami at such a young age i realized that the amount of different nationalities that reside here is unreal. We are a huge melting pot. Nobody is mad at anybody else for coming to Miami because WHO ACTUALLY IS FROM MIAMI? NO ONE. That being said everyone in Miami is a big family due to all of us having something in common; we all left our patriarch and families behind in search of new found happiness. My group of friends back at home coincides with 7 people; 4 Venezuelans, 1 Puerto Rican, 1 Dominican, 1 Mexican and 1 Colombian (Me) we all love the shit out of each other due to us being close friends since elementary/middle school. Which was right around the time we had all gotten here from our home countries. I came to the USA due to my parents search for a better life. A better life in all senses of the term. Better schooling, better housing, more opportunities, better jobs…. etc. The opportunities were non-negotiable and definitely a deciding factor for my family ending up in Miami. We moved to the USA because we wanted to. Nobody was forcing us and telling us to get out of our beautiful country. If anything everyone wanted us to stay. Why would any grandparent want their grand children to live in a different country? Selfishly we moved and that was the best decision my parents MADE.

What has been continuously taking place overseas in Venezuela is heart wrenching. Something straight out of a horror movie. A dark and painful time for the Venezuelans still residing in Venezuela and a difficult and agonizing time for the Venezuelans watching their country from afar; watching it unfold into something unrecognizable. Both having only one thing in common; pain and angst for the situation that the country now is in to just END.

The immigrants currently running away from Venezuela isn’t because they want too. It’s not because they have better plans of starting better families in other countries it’s due to the inhumane situation of living. The amount of money they get [inflation] compensated after completing work they have done for the past 10 years does not pay the same AT ALL anymore except now in 2018 it won’t even cover food let alone medical bills and everything else. Venezuelans are being forced out of their country due to the dire living situation currently going on. Venezuelan people are packing everything and anything they can fit in their backpacks and going on the search for a better life. Leaving everything behind; animals, homes, memories and even family members. Some by car, some by bus and those who can’t afford either of those by foot. Their need for food and work as well as medical facilities with actual equipment inside is what’s driving Venezuelans to cross the bridge from Venezuela into Cúcuta, Colombia, FOR HELP!!!

Herds and herds of people continuously cross that connecting bridge between Cúcuta and San Antonio everyday [35,000 people to be exact]. Some crossing only for the necessity of money to survive that day; they set up an arepa stand and repeat daily. Instead of staying in Cúcuta they go back home to Venezuela with the hopes that tomorrow they will be allowed to leave again. Since 2017, around 3 million immigrants have left Venezuela into Colombia and other neighboring countries making this the worst ever migration crisis in Latin America.

3 million is the number of immigrants who actually check in to the check-points; those are the only ones that are noted or accounted. AKA more than the people that are counted for migrate out of Venezuela; nothing is stopping them. At this point nothing could get worse then the situation they are currently experiencing.

Colombia is currently overwhelmed with the amount of Venezuelans pouring into our country each and every single day but more importantly the amount of people entering the neighboring “Pueblo” of Cúcuta. To say that we have a crisis is an understatement. To say that we are mad is incorrect. The crisis is not only hurting Venezuelans and their families but Colombians in little towns like Cúcuta as well. The town of Cúcuta who only has 650,000 people roughly and all are trying to make ends meet prior to the crisis due to poverty and worsening by all their jobs being replaced as the migration problem continues. Venezuelans are taking jobs for half of the amount of money that it would take to pay a Colombian for their work that specific day. As humans this situation leaves everyone on a very awkward yet thin grey line because we have to give up something for the others to eat but not too much where their kids and family starts becoming affected. What Colombians make in one day is barely what Venezuelans make a month or let alone ever[venezuelan inflation annual rate 0f 830,000+ and counting]. Colombians should be glad that they get to be the help that the Venezuelans need throughout their economic crisis. We were all one huge country knows as “Gran Colombia” a line dividing two countries doesn’t mean anything when everyone has the heart of gold. What if both countries could learn to coexist together without letting greed get in the middle? Yes you take the job and yes you can stay in our city because if it were the other way around it would be the same scenario. At the end of the day the Venezuelans are here as a cry for help and as humanitarians we have to be willing to offer help and lend a hand like Cúcuta has when needed.

The crisis doesn’t end there… no money, no doctors, no food and people are still crossing the border. Hoping that the money they brought with them will be enough. Sometimes it is sometimes it isn’t. Colombia isn’t the end point for most Venezuelans it is just the middle point of the route they are taking towards their end goal. Throughout the journey of traveling into Colombia from Venezuela some immigrants have run into the problem of wasting all their remaining money on necessities throughout their trip. Without a penny and nowhere to sleep in a strange Pueblo only means one thing… a lot and a lot of homeless people all over the place. Some residents of Cúcuta are opening doors letting immigrants crash because morally that’s what needs to be done. They are homeless for the moment; they don’t have enough money to make it to where they were supposed to go. A lot in hopes of finding a job or having a job already lined up but with no money or way of getting there.

This is a problem that really needs to be talked about. A country and its citizens are currently deteriorating one walking immigrant at a time. People are giving up on a once very wealthy country due to its economic situation and its powerful leaders. It is disheartening to see my best friends precious country crumble down because of greed! Makes you realize how lucky you are to be in the situation and living the lifestyle you are currently experiencing.

We all have a little humanitarian within us.

I’m not sure if I am doing this right but I definitely am #ADULTING!






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