That Spanglish Life.

Being born in a Spanish [Colombia] speaking country the language will always be embedded in my blood and in my tongue. Off course I am more American than I am Colombian at this point but that doesn’t make me forget my native tongue. For me Spanish it’s just sort of a tongue twister sometimes saying words incorrectly or sometimes can’t even think of the word at all. My Spanglish ass always says words with a Spanish accent to it. Completely not on purpose but it happens… more often then I would like it too. I am very well spoken in Spanish but it just does not flow it gives me a little trouble searching for the exact translation of one word to another. I know the word it’s at the tip of my tongue I just cant remember it but I feel it, you feel me?

In English I flow a little smoother but still experience issues with the way I pronounce words so pretty much IM SCREWED I can’t even speak lol I speak two languages but neither are perfected. Is it worth knowing a little of 10 languages or know 2 languages perfectly?

Pero thank god I was forced to take AP Spanish while in high school it did help me but what could really help prepare me for real life in Miami? NOT SQUAT!! Here I have come to the realization that we are all very fluent in….Spanglish. We all interchange between both languages to complete a full sentence and it still probably doesn’t even make sense. I know I’m not the only one haha I’ve heard all you suckers do it! Why are we like this?

The way I am is perfectly fine for this area and the people that surround me in South Florida but in Colombia I look like a tourist because my faulty Spanish and then I go back home to the USA and it’s the same feeling as in Colombia but only with English. Long story short EMBRACE your accent and be proud to be bilingual [if it was easy everyone would do it]. Embrace your faults and keep andando. Who cares if it takes me a little longer to find the word I want to use? I’m finally comfortable with my tongue. PHEW. Only took 25 years 🤪🤪 I would rather speak broken Spanish and English then not know either. I have friends whose parents are from foreign countries and they can’t even speak their native language. “They understand it perfectly” but can’t speak it…. that makes no sense to me. Point is I saw an article the other day going viral on Facebook about bilingual parents who only teach their children one language. If you can make your child better in any form why not? Instead of being able to speak to one community they can communicate with two. Growing up within a family who speaks a specific language and you can’t participate will only hurt the one not participating. It’s a crutch they wish they didn’t have once they grow up so do yourself and your child a favor TEACH THEM YOUR LANGUAGE!!!!

Do you guys have the same problem that I just explained above?



I don’t know if I am doing this right but I am definitely #ADULTING!



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