A letter of appreciation to my Grandma Kathy❤️—#Crazythingcalledlove!

Happy birthday to you Grandma!!!❤️❤️

To the most selfless and loving soul on this face of the earth! Happy birthday Grandma. You have no idea what you have brought into our lives! You have come with nothing but with arms wide open and unconditional love. You are an inspiration to me… you love, support and continuously shower not just us but everyone in your life with affection and appreciation but most importantly love. The love and happiness you have brought into my life is something I will never forget. Something I will forever cherish and something I will forever have to hold on to! Thank you for being our rock all the way from Wisconsin! I wish you knew what you have showed Alejo and I. We would be completely lost if it wasn’t for you showing us what family is supposed to act like. You have shown us that blood does not make you family and there is not a greater lesson that I have learned apart from that from my time on this earth.

You are appreciated more than life. I hope you have the absolute best day ever….. thank you for being you and being a huge part of my life. I love you Grandma. Also love you and Ba for making Justin…. the glue that keeps this family together. ❤️❤️



Have you ever loved someone who’s not blood so much?



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