The greatest gift of life-#CRAZYTHINGCALLEDLOVE

When you sit back relax and think about your life and see just how blessed you really are is a blessing. Being able to realize that you have such amazing things in life that just make you…. WHOLE. Since I was little going through a traumatic experience I have grown up with numerous voids in my heart. Not actual holes but just things that I have been missing that I did not know I missed until… one of the greatest voids got filled with a little something called love. Mike came into my life at a young age; at that time you don’t realize what you have in front of you. You are worried about parting, making school teams, making friends and most importantly getting into college. Having a companion didn’t mean as much back then as it does now. I have come to realize Mike has helped me in ways u didn’t know I needed help in. He has filled my void with love and has completely enhanced life by 10000000%. I have been growing daily not only in size but every sense of the word. I have come to idolize the love that I have for this man and the fact that he has helped me in ways he didn’t even know was {PAO}ssible. He has helped me grow but most importantly has grown with me. We have learned from each other as well as by ourselves. You don’t realize the team you have by your side until you have a VOID that suddenly disappears. The love that is given is almost as great as the love that is recurved. Never stop showing appreciation for someone and if you love someone always tell them. The more you show the more you receive and the more the bond strengthens.

Thank you honey for showing me what love is and for being with me every step of the way since we were 16. Ten years later and we are still going and growing stronger together. You are the ideal man to be with and I could not be any happier to be your Fiancé!!!!! ❤️❤️

One thought on “The greatest gift of life-#CRAZYTHINGCALLEDLOVE

  1. Toni

    Thanks Poa for sharing such an intimate part of yourself, your life and your love. Mike is equally blessed to have you by his side. We all hope to be blessed with a love that cannot be described. You have. I am so proud and honored to call you my niece. You’ve been a part of the Fratianni family for such a long time. Family is everything and I am blessed to be a part of yours.


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