I know I am not the only who gets goose bumps whenever I hear any of the amazing songs brought into this world by Whitney Houston. Unreal the idol and human being we have lost…. I know everyone will judge and put their two cents in but luckily that is not what this admiration post is for. Thank you Whitney for the endless memories that come rushing to mind as soon as any of your songs play. I can remember exactly when I was younger trying to mimic those insanely high notes you used to perform on the daily like if it was something that could easily be done. You put your heart and soul into it and maybe that is exactly why your soul was taken so quick from us. You gave us absolutely everything….so much that maybe you forgot to give yourself and your daughter what you two needed. You ran yourself to the point that a normal person would crash yet there you were performing shows day after day while shooting movies, being a full time mother, wife and a celebrity at the same time. I get tired just being an adult and working. I could not imagine the immense pressure you were going through constantly trying to meet peoples expectations… so much you forgot to think about YOU and what truly made you happy. You would do anything to continue moving forward at your pace which was not normal. I get it because if I were in your shoes or anybody in your shoes I am sure we would do the same exact thing. I just watched the documentary about your life… my heart is now broke. You went through so much heartbreak and off course nobody would know about it to the extend that we do not until after your death. The good die young and you never appreciate who you have until they are gone. Your fathers actions rocked your world ways we will never know and I’m sure you never expected it yet you still lived and persevered through the pain until you legit could not pretend anymore. Thank you for showing us the immense talent that you portrayed and constant smile although you did want to but ALWAYS had. You are and always were AND FORVER WILL BE appreciated!

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